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Angela Olmstead says:

Dr. Deji and the staff at the Bathurst Animal Clinic are GREAT!!!! My hamster, Stewart (probably the smartest rodent in Toronto) and I feel like part of the family as soon as I walk in. When I first brought Stewart to the clinic, I wasn’t sure if the doctor could help him. But as soon as Dr. Deji saw Stewart, I knew he was is good hands. Dr. Deji did everything he could and made Stewart better and not once did Stewart try to bite him. Thanks Dr. Deji…You’re the best!!!

Deborah says:

It is hard to believe there is only one testimonial so far. Deji and his staff have provided the ultimate in care for my 2 bulldogs and 2 cats since 1996. He takes time and ensures I completely understand what the health issues are. The rest of the staff in the clinic are professional, courteous, and extremely friendly. Let`s not forget Dr. Cooper who has done so much for my animals also. This must be the best vet clinic in the city!

Mike & Diane Sale says:

Dr. Deji and his excellent staff have provided loving care to our dogs for many years. First, he cared for our collie, Duffy, until her passing in 2002. Since then he has taken competent, loving care of our collie, Spencer, and our golden retriever, Daisy, through their numerous health issues. We just wish our human doctors cared as well for us as Dr. Deji does for our pets!

Christine Hurlbut & Clement Carelse says:

We’ve had a happy relationship with Bathurst Animal Clinic for many years. We respect the advice we’ve been given to help care for our cats, and we also feel like we’re respected partners in their care. Thanks, Dr. Deji and staff, you’re the best!

Gloria says:

Can’t thank you enough Dr. Deji for taking good care of Nina, during those trying times, for being patient and taking the time to explain illnesses and procedures, for following up with phone calls, etc. And thanks to the staff, esp. Gillian, for your warmth, advices and that BIG smile. God bless!

Silvio and Mariah says:

Hello everyone!! Just passin by to say thanks for taking care of our Bulldog Linda !!!!! Thank you Dr. Deji and Crew.

Christina Martin says:

My family of puppies and I have been going to Dr. Deji for over 12 years now and would never go anywhere else. My dogs are always afraid to go anywhere that is strange but Dr. Deji knows just how to handle them. Sasha, my most recent dog who went to heaven always growled at him but he continued to treat her without fear because in the end Sasha knew he would alway have her best interest at heart and would never hurt her. Dr. Deji and his group are amazing and I thank you all for taking care of my babies…XO

Tina says:

I went to the clinic for the first time this year with my puppy. She fell ill and I had leave her at the clinic. I was beside myself about leaving her in the care of what were essentially strangers. Dr. Hayes and the staff were terrific under a dire situation. The staff truly cares about animals. Dr. Hayes, Jillian and Omar provided professional care to my puppy which in turn gave me great comfort. The staff supported me and my ill puppy. Dr. Hayes provided impartial advice on what procedures could be administered. There was no pressure tactics, just a concern for the well being of my puppy. I was allowed to visit my puppy every day. I could tell my fur baby liked the staff and enjoyed being with them. Unfortunately, my puppy passed a week later in the clinic. The staff felt the loss even though they just met us. Thank-you does not cover all the kindness, support, and round the clock care provided to my puppy by this clinic – especially Dr. Hayes. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a team o veterinary professionals with hearts.

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