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Gillian Chan


Gillian’s first experience at Bathurst Animal Hospital was as a high school co-op education student. She thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience she got from the hospital and learned a tremendous amount about pet care.

That experience convinced her to pursue a career in animal care and inspired her to attend the College for Animal Care at Sheridan College from where she received a diploma as a certified Animal Care Attendant (ACA). She now enjoys her position in which she attends to the needs of visiting and hospitalized guests, assists the technicians and doctors by helping to set the stage for medical, surgical and dental procedures.

She takes loving care of her own animal family at home, especially her adorable felines, Toby and Midnight who live happily with Bubba and Zoe, the Leopard geckos, Willy, the sweetest one eared hamster in the world and Noodle, the Kenyan sand boa.