Catherine Forest

Catherine joined our BAH family in 2023.  Her career began working with various wildlife species at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, first as a volunteer and then later as a veterinary technician. She graduated Seneca College in 2019 and became a registered with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians shortly after.
Prior to working in small animal practice, Catherine worked in emergency & critical care medicine, and her passion for providing the best possible care for injured or ill patients remains. Catherine has now found new opportunities & a passion for building lasting relationships with pets and their families as they come back for their routine vet visits.

If given the chance, Catherine loves to regale others with various animal facts, and will talk at length about the birds, bats, reptiles and raccoons she has worked with in the past.

Catherine is a proud cat-mom to 3 former rescue kitties: Phoebe, Marcie & Leonard. Animals in need always tend to find her, and despite her desire for a much larger pet-family… has had to promise her roommate “no more fur babies!”

In her free time, Catherine loves backcountry camping and bouldering at the rock climbing gym.